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Education for All Awareness Events 2016

We were at Carnival

50 years NHC

The Steve Sinnott Foundation joined Cocoyea at the Notting Hill Carnival this year on Children’s Day Sunday 28th August to raise awareness about our Education for All Project.

Carnival 4


Click here for lots more information about the Foundation at Carnival

Song choir 3

Throughout the year schools all over the world will be singing the Foundation’s EFA campaign song. The recordings are available on this website for everyone to access worldwide.


Click here to listen to the song and find the link to the choral and instrumental versions and the song sheet.

dress up

Leading up to EFA awareness day on 30th June and throughout the year, UK schools will be taking part in a dress up day when children and teachers can wear traditional costumes from around the world.

To be listed on this website as taking part, a £1 donation is requested to support the Foundation’s work on Education for All. So please get in touch.

story telling

We’re collecting your true stories about education and we’ll be sharing them globally. So please write it, type it, in text or braille, record it, draw it or film it and then just send it to us.

In the UK we kicked off the project with a storytelling event on Thursday 30th June 2016 in London. There will be more and if you can make it you’ll be very welcome.


Education for All awareness


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