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Outside The Classroom Windows

Anyone who is interested in the global effort to see more children reap the benefits of literacy, numeracy, languages and a broader awareness of the world will be used to seeing headlines like this, from the guardian: “Drive to get children back to school failing worldwide”. To many of us, ‘back to school’ has become […]

FRIDAY Digest!

It’s been a busy (and hot!) few weeks. A couple of weeks ago Chief Exec Ann Beatty was invited to, and given a generous donation by, the Zonta Club of Guildford, and met with Baroness Sharp and Sue Doughty, the President of Zonta Guildford. In her own words: “It was great to be with so […]

FRIDAY Digest!

Hello, and welcome back to the Steve Sinnott Foundation Blog! We’re going to be updating this a little more often, to keep you posted about the Foundation’s latest activities and the events we’re taking part in. This week and last we’ve been sharing footage from Chief Exec. Ann Beatty’s trip to the Steve Sinnott Foundation […]