Singing for Sierra Leone

Divas The Denham Divas are a group of women who love to sing. They have a variety of songs and have grown into a substantial choir with around thirty members. They sing for fun, health and well-being, aiming to work towards and achieve the highest possible standard within their capabilities. The Divas share their love of singing and songs with members of the wider community by singing to them and with them.

These appreciative audiences like to pay for their services. All contributions are sent to the Steve Sinnott Foundation – currently to support our Sierra Leone project. Many of the choir members are ex-teachers who feel passionately about the cause. When the next cohort of teachers comes to the UK from Sierra Leone for training with the Foundation’s Education Team, there are plans to set up a Skype session so that the two groups can share the universal joy of singing.

Walking for us

Walking 1 As it stands, millions of children across the globe do not have access to free education. Education gives everyone the tools to earn a living, to contribute to communities and get more out of opportunities. It promotes equality and challenges discrimination. But most importantly, it unlocks the potential of every child and transforms lives.

Getting all children access to education requires focused efforts to eliminate the barriers that keep them away from education. Many are walking for hours each day to get to school, and that is why the one hundred and eighty two miles between Stockport and London will be covered, to represent the daily toll that many face. Children all across the globe are striving to attend their local school and I want to raise funds for a not for profit organisation which strengthens and empowers communities and ensure local ownership of programmes and learning, which is why I will be walking to raise funds for the Steve Sinnott Foundation.

Dawn Taylor Division Secretary, Stockport Assciation of the National Union of Teachers, England and Wales

Dragons’ Apprentice Challenge 2015

Dragons logo The Foundation is taking part in the Dragons’ Apprentice Challenge Watford, an inspirational annual programme connecting students with business mentors to raise money for local charities. Schools identify their interest in participating and encourage year 12 students to put themselves forward and form teams of 6. Each team is matched with a local business mentor (their dragon) and a local charity or community group.

Teams are given £100 and challenged to “turn £100 into £1,000 or more”. Dragons provide support in the form of advice, and access to resources, to help their team achieve their business goal and funding target. All profits made by the teams go directly to their allocated charity/community organisation.

We are excited to be partnered with West Herts College and Jury’s Inn Watford. Please support us to raise as much awareness as possible. Watch this space for updates and follow us on twitter and please, please do promote us as widely as you can – Twitter @DragonsWatford @ssfoundation.

Crowdfunding for “My Life Changed”

We’re raising money to make 3 animated mini films

At under 1 minute each, these powerful films telling personal stories of changing lives through accessing education will be used by us to aid an understanding of the work that we do to provide access to learning worldwide. They will be shown in schools, conferences, talks, on our website and to aid learning and fundraising activities. We will also be creating learning resources for schools with the money raised.

Why tell personal stories?

Because they are more interesting. They touch us, make us feel alive, and inspire us. They reflect our basic human need to understand each other, our cultures and how others see the world. Stories are the way in which people reach out and emotionally connect with each other. Storytelling enables people to share their ideas and solutions and not feel alone.

How will we find the stories?
From our work at the Foundation we meet many people who have compelling stories they want to share. As well as these, we are also asking people to send in their personal stories, and asking our online community to vote for the best of all these stories.

Why mini films?
Because they are infinitely viewable. Keeping it short keeps attention. You can fill in the rest.

What’s the money for?
Here’s the breakdown:
50% Animation and Editing
20% Music and Sound
10% Story Competition
20% Rewards and Resources, Indigogo fees

What are the Resources for Schools?

The films themselves, branded stationery to say thank you for fundraising, the booklet of stories, workshop resource packs.

What’s in it for you?

You are actually the ones who are making this happen. You are adding to the EDUCATION FOR ALL movement. You are helping people share their stories, stories that can help and encourage others, stories that will help us understand each other. Education empowers people, gives people choices, we need as much of this as possible right now.

Our film team

Lucy Lee graduated from the National Film & TV School, winning the Chicago Gold Hugo award amongst others, with her graduation film which she made in Russia. She has since made numerous other independent and commissioned films on a wide range of topics and in a wide range of styles, and won awards around the globe. You can see more of her work here

Stelios Koupetoris has been nominated for his work, including Lucy Lee’s “Wasteland” at the UK Music and Sound Awards, the Hollywood Music in Media Awards and has been awarded at the Garden State Film Festival, the Drama Film Festival and the Park City Film Music Festival among others.

Nefeli Stamatogiannopoulou studied music at the Royal School of Music and acquired her Bachelor and MMus in Composition for Film, Theater and Performing Arts at the Ionian University of Greece. She collaborates with the renowned Grotowski Institute and composes for films and theatre. Nefeli is also the founder of the band “Spooky RedRum”.

Louise Brown is an award winning sound editor and Foley artist. She has worked on films such as “Moshi Monsters: The Movie”, “Anuvahood”, “Plastic” and “Tower Block”. Louise also enjoys working with young people to foster their creativity.

Steve Sinnott Foundation’s first time at the Education International World Congress

18 July 2015 Foundation Executive Manager, Ann Beatty, travelled to Ottawa to profile the Foundation at Education International’s 7th World Congress. EI Congress

Two thousand democratically-elected teacher leaders from 400 teachers unions and associations across 171 countries convene in Ottawa’s Shaw Centre for the Congress from July 20–26, 2015. They will be debating and setting priorities for ” Better education, for a better world”

Anticipating that in September 2015 the new UN Sustainable Development Goals will be adopted, Education International (EI), the world’s largest organisation of teachers’ unions, will set its own agenda to see that education for all becomes a reality. Ann said:

Ann.Beatty Ann said, “This is the place to be this week. This is the first time that we have been able to attend the EI Congress. I will be taking every opportunity to meet people, promote the work of the Steve Sinnott Foundation and win support for our projects.”