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Our Associates

Evadne Bygrave


Evadne Bygrave is an educator, life coach and innovator. Her passion to make education inclusive to all learners has been the driving force behind all her enterprises. She founded Sing a book in 2014 to engage children in reading through song, based on books read in primary schools. As a singer/song writer Evadne has been able to capture the essence books and infuse them with catchy rhythms that are enjoyed by all.

Not satisfied with writing one song for a book, in 2015, she wrote 7 for Anthony Browne’s Into The Forest, this became her first musical playscript. The second, Kate Meets Dido Elizabeth Belle based on the book by David Gleave, was completed in 2016. Evadne is in full support of the Steve Sinnott Foundation’s Education for All Campaign and was honoured when given the opportunity to write their campaign song, A Better Place to Be.

Her work in primary and secondary schools was the inspiration for the SCIP-School Career Intervention Programme; which has been designed to raise the learning aspirations and career prospects of disadvantaged underachieving pupils entering secondary school. The programme is fuelled with Evadne’s determination to give learners the opportunity to an education that is accessible, challenging and life-changing.

Shaista Khan


Shaista has more than 15 years experience working with local and international charities in Pakistan, Australia and the U.K. Shaista worked on public sector primary education programs in Pakistan that included management of CIDA funded Whole School Improvement Programme and the Teacher Empowerment Project of UNICEF and Save the Children. In 2002, Shaista participated in a UNESCO regional workshop in Thailand titled ‘Embracing Diversity – Creating Toolkit for Inclusive Learning Friendly Environments’ and was later invited by UNICEF Pakistan to facilitate review of the tool kit for local use. After moving to Australia in 2008 she worked on corporate communications, social inclusion and social entrepreneurship projects. Shaista brings with her a rich understanding and experience of the formal and non-formal educational climate in South Asia and issues faced by migrants and multi-cultural communities in Australia. She is experienced in the donor project cycle and M&E processes for international development work. Shaista is currently managing the UNESCO ASPnet project for the Steve Sinnott Foundation. Shaista enjoys reading and social networking. She also maintains a blog on cultural diversity.

Olivia Reeve


I was led to the non-profit sector through my enthusiasm for conservation, volunteering for several environmental charities whilst studying my Biology degree. Driven by my enjoyment of being an online tutor, on graduating this summer I became a Learning Support Assistant at a local secondary school where I support students who have additional needs within mainstream education. Realising that my future lies in charity, I decided to expand my experience and found the perfect match in the Steve Sinnott Foundation, where I have mainly been assisting fundraising from the NUT. Working with Mary and Ann has given me confidence to pursue a career in the sector – I am currently completing the Charity Apprentice course with and this summer will be starting a Programme Coordinator role at upReach, supporting less-advantaged students to access professional employment.

Malcolm Richards


I am a senior leader with significant experience managing behavior and inclusive practices across education. I have worked in mainstream, special, secure and community education settings, in urban, suburban and rural locations. I specialize in the development of inclusive education services for young people aged 11-18.

I have been invited to speak on access to equality, inclusive education for many organisations including Goldsmiths University, Newman University, Hip Hop Education UK at UCL, the Royal Society of Arts, the National Union of Teachers, the Steve Sinnott Foundation and others more.

I have also written about Inclusion and Education for interviews and articles published in The Guardian, Engage 13, Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Travelling Fellowships and others. I have held strategic roles within schools, unions and advisory groups including as school governor, local community interest companies as well as several academic research groups.

Julia Clark-Lowes & Simon Clayton

Design and Social Media Team

Bringing their long experience from numerous internet ventures, Simon and Julia are working with the Foundation to ensure that our stories are told effectively and that the benefits of our work are communicated succinctly to the world.

Amber Bygrave

Work Experience

Over the period of a week, I had the pleasure of working with the Steven Sinnott Foundation alongside Ann. During my time, I learnt about the production of their magazine Engage, learnt how to create labels on Microsoft Word and researched some education projects. I conducted interviews in order to promote the Foundation’s work, which it to support the achievement of the sustainable development goal 4, quality Education for All children Everywhere. Overall, I found this work experience with the Foundation very enjoyable and very useful as I hope to pursue a future career in journalism.