A Steve Sinnott Foundation Project : Sanitary Protection For Girls in The Gambia

Help us to give girls The Level playing Field that they deserve

Girls in The Gambia are missing 48 school days a year because they don't have access to sanitary towels.

Let's fix that.

In THE GAMBIA, The cost of sanitary towels and tampons places them beyond the reach of most girls.

Even if girls can afford pads, schools lack the facilities to hygienically dispose of them - So, when it's that time of the month, girls just stay home.

(Studies estimate that a Gambian girl without access to pads will miss 48 days of schooling per year.)

The male literacy rate in The Gambia is 63.9%

The rate for women is 47.6%

For just £4,000 - Working with our partners on the ground - the Steve Sinnott Foundation can send trainers to teach 600 girls and 80 teachers to make safe, re-useable pads using locally sourced materials.

This project will:

• Provide girls with the materials they need, teach them how to make their own pads and share vital information about hygiene and menstrual health.

• Provide teachers with the knowledge they need to continue the project on a self-sustaining basis.

By the time the project has run its course, we estimate that 24,000 young women will have directly benefited from it.

When girls are given the tools to handle their periods safely and effectively, a big problem becomes a small one.

Help us to give girls the level playing field they deserve.

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How Much To Donate?
That's up to you. We need £4,000 to fully fund this project - so just £20 gets us 0.5% closer to our goal.

If you can spare more, we'll reach our target all the more quickly. If you can't manage that much - that's no problem, everything helps.

When you click to Donate, you'll have the option to make your donation a recurring monthly payment - if you want to support our broader efforts to increase access to learning worldwide, then there's no better way.

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"Educating girls is one of the most powerful things we can do, not just for girls and their families, but for their communities and their countries."

Michelle Obama

speaking at the Brookings Center for Universal Education, 2014
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In 2015, the United Nations published seventeen Sustainable Development Goals intended to set out priorities for the International Community in creating a better future for the world. The fourth of these calls for universal access to quality education that is inclusive and equitable and for the promotion of lifelong learning opportunities. At the Foundation, we are proud to work toward making this goal a reality.

Education is transformative and powerful. We believe that by forging partnerships, by broadcasting information, by stimulating activity and by working closely with teachers, educators, communities and governments to offer practical support and encouragement to education projects worldwide, we can make the UN's dream of a world enriched by learning into a dream shared by millions and, together, secure its realisation.

Our organisation is inspired by the work and philosophy of Steve Sinnott, who served as General Secretary of the National Union Of Teachers until his death in April 2008.

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