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Snehalaya community - India

This project needs: Volunteer workers - see the appeal here
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Snehalaya is a care home with hospital, school, farms, orchards on site as well rural development work including health and education in 43 surrounding villages. Visit

"Snehalaya" (in Hindi it means "Home – with Love") is an unique place combining community living with a Care Home (orphanage) for disabled and destitute children, homeless women and the aged. Mostly they live together as a family in cottages. The community also includes a school for special needs, a regional rural hospital, a multi-sensory room, vocational training, facilities for yoga and meditation, farm and a gaushala (cow shed) for our own cows – all set amid gardens, farms and sports & play areas.

Also on site, plans are well advanced to build an integrated school. When completed, it will have facilities for 250 'special needs' children plus a further 500 places for children from surrounding villages, especially girls who would otherwise remain uneducated and undergo oppression. A special focus will be vocational training for these girls to make them more independent and provide them with confidence to start a career.

A little goes a very long way in India - and there are many ways an individual or an organisation can make a real difference. Sometimes, when we look at the need, the prospect seems daunting. But we carry on, remembering the simple adage that "because you can't do everything, it doesn't mean you should do nothing".

IMPORTANT: "Snehalaya" is a project of the Gwalior Childrens Hospital organisation. Although we operate in one of the poorest and most needy parts of India, the Gwalior Childrens Hospital receives no government support. Not from local authorities. Not from regional or state sources. Not from central government. So we are forced to rely on the generosity of people around the world. Any contribution, however small, is very much appreciated.

The Gwalior Children's Hospital needs volunteers. Click here to see their appeal.

To donate or volunteer your support please visit

  1. Mar 31, 2011

    Anonymous says:

    Children from our Snehalaya for International Special Floor Hocky Championship,...

    Children from our Snehalaya for International Special Floor Hocky Championship, Thanks to you- 

    Snehalaya continues to grow. Our school building is almost complete and we hope that we shall be able to start the school in July this year.

    Our ten children participated in floor hocky championship held at Shimla as part of team of Madhya Pradesh and won Silver medal. Six of these have been selected for special floor Hocky coaching being held at Agartala in April. We are sure that some of them will be selected to represent India in the International special Olympic Championship to bring Snehalaya's name in International Sports too.

    Many thanks to all of you to make it possible and bringing Snehalaya and all these works to this stage but needs are also increasing every day and are much more with increasing prices, inflation and costs. I request for your support with more vigour and time helping us to provide for these children making them independent.  We have 63 children to look after and more will be coming in.

    We would like to thank you for your continued support. We simply could not have made such a difference without you. The new school in Snehalaya Campus will allow us to provide education for up to 500 children esp. girls from the surrounding villages. We continue with ongoing care for the children in Snehalaya as well to achieve sustainable development in slums and surrounding villages including health care, education, hygiene, sanitation, vaccination, safe drinking water, income generation etc.

    We also continue with our "Light for Education programme" and provide solar lights to school going children in villages there.

    Please consider helping these children in Snehalaya and in surrounding villages there in these few remaining days for this financial year and avail tax benefits for this year giving them an opportunity for new life, details on


    Please donate here in Sterling Pounds with tax benefits today.

    US tax payers for donations with tax benefits in US dollars, please pay through GlobalGiving a 501 C organisation. Here is the link for donations on line in US $:    {*}

    Donations in Indian Rupees with tax benefits for tax payers in India should be made to "Gwalior Hospital and education Charitable Trust" and send these to our address in India as given below. Please ask me for information if you will like to pay on line in Indian Rupees.

    Please request every one known to you on our behalf to help us carry these works further by spreading our message as well contributing towards this cause as much they can. Evey little help is much appreciated. Please do not hesitate to ask me for any questions or further information if any, thanks again, with regards and best wishes,
    For Gwalior Childrens Charity (Regd. Charity No. 1063694),
    GHECT incl. SNEHALAYA "meaning The Home with Love" (India),
    14,Magdalene Road,
    West Midlands.
    WS1 3TA (U.K.)

    Tel. +44(0)1922 629842
    Fax. 01922 632942
    Mobile. 07729929982

    Office address in India:
    Akanksha- Gwalior Childrens Hospital Campus,
    Opposite Jhansi Road Police Station,
    Gwalior- 474 009 (M.P.).

    Tel.00917512435537. Snehalaya is located at
    16 KM mile stone,
    Jhansi Road,
    Village Sikroda,
    P.O. Badori, Distt. Gwalior-475 001.

    Tel. 00919425113822.

    SNEHALAYA - 'the home with love'
    Snehalaya, meaning the ‘home with love’ in Hindi, is a unique place for community living in India as a care home for disabled and destitute children, homeless women and the aged, where they live together as a family. details on

    PS.Importantly here is a link for helping us in more ways without any costs for you. Use it as search engine, sell any unwanted items on e bay, send greeting cards by e mail etc. etc all can help by fund raising for us 

    Special Appeal

    Our ardent supporter and volunteer Mr. Robin Prentice from Australia has been managing our web site for last eight years. Robin, a friend and mentor for me for last eight years, now has been taken ill. Because of ill health and age of 82 years, he is not able to maintain our web sites any more. In fact he has been asking me for finding a replacement for quite some time but I have been ignoring it till now. Let us pray for his health and early recovery. I remain much obliged of him for all the help in bringing this work to this stage however we can not ignore for finding a replacement for him any more. Now urgently we need volunteers with required skills to manage our web site. Please let me know if any one of you with required skills can spare some time to help us.
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