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Green Care Habitat-GRECAH, a non-profit organization, envisioning a Green, Healthy and Wealthy environment founded on principle of Environmental Conservation and Management (Governance), HIV/AIDS and other Social Health vices awareness creation; and Poverty Alleviation runs a BOOKS FOE EDUCATION AND HEALTH PROJECT IN Busia County-Western Kenya. The three main objectives are streamlined to compliment each other for sustainable

Project Summary

Under our Books for Education and Health Project, GRECAH has desktop researched, compiled materials and published easy- to- read pocket size booklets on HIV/Aids and other social health vices targeting youth and women who form a greater percentage of the vulnerable and disadvantage members of the society. On completion, GRECAH markets the booklets to other NGO’s, corporate bodies, government agencies and individuals among others, who purchase the booklets and proceeds realized being used to fund our BOOKS FOR EDUCATION AND HEALTH PROJECT that in turn put and supports the educational needs of poor orphaned and disadvantaged school going children in Busia County-Western Kenya.

How the Project is run

After the sale of the booklets, GRECAH deploys field officers (Interns) under a GRECAH Project Officer, who selects poor orphaned and vulnerable school going children living with their poor old grand mothers, enroll them in schools, buy them uniforms, clothing, books, other required stationary and subsidies core meals in their grandmother’s houses and other households in rural and informal settlements in Busia County thus offering the disadvantaged children basic necessities both educational and family support. By this GRECAH not only contributes to the attainment of universal basic Education but also generates information, create awareness and sensitize the society and especially school going children on lifestyle associated and healthy practices related diseases and conditions by passing a booklet to everyone. Today there are Millions Kenyans and especially the youth living with these conditions with others not knowing what is awaiting them due to lack of basic information. Thus our BOOKS FOR EDUCATION AND HEALTH PROJECT addresses both education and health. So achieving the objective of the Project is going to make the attainment of the UN millennium goal on education a reality.

Project problem and justification?

Busia County being one of the poor Counties and a boarder County in Kenya, it is one of the thematic counties in terms of HIV/Aids incidences, high poverty levels thus posting a  significant number of poor families leading to a high number of orphans and disadvantaged children who are not going to school. The children end up as street children and child labourers. Both rural and informal settlement dwellers in the County slums are acutely affected and GRECAH has taken the initiative to assist the poor children in the slums who cannot afford basic necessities by putting them in school. Today through the project, GRECAH has been able to put and support fifty three (53) children in Schools near their neighborhoods within the County.

How the project will solve this problem?

With money being raised through donations for the printing, sale and distribution of the of the booklets GRECAH will effectively be able to achieve the following:

  • Select, put, care and support more orphaned and disadvantaged children in schools within Busia County
  • Reduce the number of non school going children in the County
  • Provide home based care for the orphaned, disadvantaged and needy children through provision of goods and services.
  • Create awareness on HIV/Aids and other social health vices spread / incidences which are greater impediment to the universal education of children in not only Busia County but the entire Kenyan nation thus reducing stigma.
  • Undertake qualitative research on problems facing children and families in Kenya and make recommendations on how best children and family welfare can be done for better sustainable development.
  • Educate through awareness seminars and workshops on family bonds which is aimed at strengthening the families.

Project Long Term Strategy

GRECAH undertakes to publish more booklets on social health vices create awareness, raise funds and  put more orphaned, needy and disadvantaged children in schools with coming up with a GRECAH YOUTH DEVELOPMENT CENTRE as our ultimate goal  to be able to offer universal education for the needy children in the County.

Project Message

A Part from the Orphaned, Needy and disadvantaged children, all school going children must lead a healthy life to be able attain basic education and it is in this regard that  GRECAH published booklets highlighting issues on social health vices that in a way hinder proper universal education for youth. The GRECAH publications include the following Titles;

1.     The 100 Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about HIV/AIDS Therapy  (Both English and Swahili     Versions)2.     Home Based Care for People Living with HIV & AIDS

3.     Stop TB & Manage HIV/Aids

4.     Youth, Drugs and Alcohol  Abuse

5.     Disaster Preparedness

6.     The 50 Basic Questions and Answers you need to know about Rape

7.     Diabetes Hypertension & Kidney Failure

8.     Malaria the Killer

9.     Cancer “The silent Killer”-Volume 1

10.   Cancer “The silent Killer”-Volume 11

11.   Obesity Problem

12.   Gout “The Man’s Disease”

13.   The Jigger Menace

14.   Stress Management

GRECAH has been sensational and hopes that through donations in support of the BOOKS FOR EDUCATION AND HEALTH PROJECT many orphans, needy and disadvantaged children will access universal education and opportunities to be able to achieve sustainable livelihood.

Donation/Funding Criterion

This project is ongoing and is accepting donations. Your donations of  as low as one US dollar will be pulled together with other donations and used to select, put and maintain orphaned, needy and disadvantaged children in schools and attain universal education. Your donation will also help print booklets for distribution to Kenyan school children and help create awareness on HIV/Aids and other social health vices for and educated and healthy nation.

For more information about us and what we do, please do not hesitate to contact us or visit our website at

We look forward to working together

Yours faithfully,

P. Bruno Wafula

Green Care Habitat-GRECAH

P.O Box 28057-00100, NAIROBI - KENYA

Tel: +254 – 722 610 649



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