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US $107 000
Tel: 0237 99057334


            Constructing Education Centre for less Privileged children.


Black and White Cameroon association (B&W CAM) is a non profit association registered by National Board, under the Ministry of Territorial administration in Cameroon. It was created in August 2008 by a group of association and individual volunteer who aimed to improve the life condition of disadvantage people in urban and rural area in Cameroon.

B&W Cameroon was issued certificate N° 00871/RDA/ J06/BAPP mandating it to carry the following activities:

  • To promote peace and non-violence.
  • To encourage interracial cultural diversity and integration
  • To initiate aid and international solidarity to help less privileged children.
  • To develop projects to fight poverty according to Millennium development goals (MDGS).

B&W CAM support two projects since the beginning of the year 2009 by funding from B&W Germany for members associations TIDA Association Tondji International de Developpement, for moringa cultivation  to fight children and Mothers malnutrition , also Humacare ( cenetech) association school in the rural area in Cameroon. The great impact of this funding led to the creation of a new association specialised in moringa promotion nationwide named “Moringa Cameroon“ to enable poor people in the rural area especially women to plant moringa as food supplement toward sustainability and alleviate poverty.


            The main and only intention of this proposal is to apply for funding to build local primary school children comfortably to the minimum level possible towards up lifting their standards. The school initially estimated to provide 200 under privileged children and orphans a quality primary education, while serving as a model for other schools in the area.

. We therefore extending this mission towards the orphans in the community around us and especially those orphaned as a result of HIV-AIDS and under privileged children in Bafia rural community under the division of Mbam Inoubou in the Center Region of Cameroon. For the number of orphans is increasing every day due to ignorance and poverty in the country, this has especially affected the above area mentioned areas within our community.


The HIV/ AIDS and poverty is a threat to the people of Cameroon. The people of Cameroon are either affected or infected.

About 500 children less privileged children registered by the project live in the poor quarters and more than 1000 under priveleged children in the age group of 3 to 10 live around these area. The quality education comes with a heavy cost most of the under privileged children does not have any possibility to get the paid education and remain illiterate. Despite of the effort of the government on importance of providing basic education for every child. It has been sadly noted that most children do not even enjoy the benefits of elementary education and victims of such are children of irresponsible parents, orphan children and other less privileged children. After considering how much this problem has affected the community that Black and White Cameroon has come out with this proposal a stage to request funding to proceed with the school building activities.

The project not only involves a school building exercise but also plans to maintain the sustainability of the school in the long run to give an opportunity to the less privileged children to go to school and learn skills which will help them sustain themselves in the community.


There are two major goals for the “primary school in Bafia. “

Project and specific objectives within each of the goals.

  • Goals 1 – To build a sheltered primary school in Bafia toward housing around 200 under privileged children for schooling purposes.
  • Goals 2 – To effectively use the continual funding for making sure that the school can survive in proceeding with its goal.



The children in the age group of 5 to 10 are primarily considered as main stake holder (though the originator of the project is responsible for this) for this particular project.

The esteemed organisation or donor funding the project will be stakeholder.



The primary methods for achieving the goal and objectives of the project will be:

  • The purchase of the land already identified by the community for the purpose.
  • The construction of the building and the respective resources as per the plan arrived at for running the school.
  • Creating a credible and trustable accounting system which is not only abiding the local laws but also transparent to all the stakeholders.


The project will involve and employ the following resources:

  • A civil building contractor, who care of the construction of the building and also manages to recruit temporary resources towards the same
  • A part – time accountant.
  • A school head master responsible for taking through required for the functioning of the school is available.
  • Volunteer coordinator (full time) – Responsible for the following up the funding and the head – master and the B&W CAM president in getting the optimal solution for day to day situations.
  • Project Evaluator (part time) – Responsible for collecting data regarding the construction standards and also making sure the quality at any time of the project is as per standards.
  • Governing Board – Made up of both community leaders and teaching staff. Responsible for sanctioning the operation of the centre and providing feed back to the project Director on centre policies and operation.



B&W president Tagne Théophile is available on call for this task, except him we do not have any dedicated resources for the project.


The main objectives of this project to purchase a land, a school bus and build a school which will protect the people from all external constraints, be it a community, the weather or the security.

The school building needs to be constructed with all relevant details (Detailed plan not yet arrived at). The following will list down all that is required for the school to be built and start functioning.

  • Personnel

- Civil constructor who can do the job with the budgeted and approved amount, an headmaster, an accountant part time, a coordinator part time, a project evaluator.


  • Landscape

- A land will be purchased and scaped in the name of B&W CAM for the project purpose.

  • A school bus

A school bus will be purchased that will bear the school name and be used for children and teachers transport.

  • Equipment

- The construction equipments needed will have to be outsourced to contractor who takes care of building of the school.

- The list of equipment required for the school are mainly:

v  Black boards

v  Desk, Chairs, Tables, Writing materials, Computers, Printers.

 -          SUPPLIES

 All necessary books for all classes from 1st to 6th standard according to international standards, papers, chalk, duplicating supplies, and materials preparation.


  • Land purchase = US $7000
  • *A second hand school vehicle     = US $*5000
  • Construction cost: expected = US $30.000

This mainly consists of the following:

-          6 class rooms one for each primary class 1 to 6.

-          1 room for teachers and headmaster

-          2 computers and other purposes room

-          2 toilets

-          Water supply.

The construction will mainly be with concrete block, galvanized corrugated roof sheeting, timber priming stabilised earth block.


Estimated: = US $5.000.

This mainly consists of the following.

Ø  Desks, tables and Black boards

Ø  Books for 200 students

Ø  Note books for 200 students

Ø  Other stationary items.

Ø  Two computers.

-          RUNNING COST: ESTIMED = US $20.000 per annum

Head Master Full time 12 months US $4000
Teachers 4 Full time 12 months US $8000
Part time coordinators / trainers Part time 3 months US  $1000
Electricity, consumables, hospital cost, other cost. Annual US $3000

Funding Expected for the Project (either partly or totally by the funding organisations):

Ø  Purchase Land : US $7.000

Ø  Building costs:  US $30.000

Ø   Purchase second hand school vehicle : US $5000

Ø  Other Materials: US $5.000

Ø  Running costs: US $60.000

 The assumption for the running costs for 3 years is that sustainability in terms of different plan will be achieved by the school.

  The total fund expected: US $107.000

  Funding agenda proposed:

  First release US $37 000 for land purchase and start construction within six months.

  Second release US $30 000 for the 1st year school running and ending construction.

  Third release US $20 000 for the 2nd year school running.

  Fourth release US $20 000 for the 3ird year school running



The school could be partly named after the funding organisation there by promoting the good will of the organisation.

The funding could be totally excluded from the profit for the taxation benefit. More importantly, the community’s and children’s wishes and blessing will be always with the sponsor.


The school intends to be self-sustaining within three years from inception. The following are some of several proposals which will be implemented for making the school self – sustaining for the running costs:

-          Find and retain regular volunteer base for teaching specialised subjects.

-          Art works of the students will be auctioned in the internet as part of charity auctions.

-          School will be organising cultural weeks for raising fund that will continually support the operations of the school.


Project evaluation will be the responsibility of the project Evaluator and consist of formal and professional evaluation of not only the construction work but also the running the school in a long term basis.

A yearly report will be issued that presents the findings to the concerned stakeholders.

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