In 2000, the United Nations set 8 Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to eradicate the desperate poverty that affects hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Millennium Development Goal 2 was set to achieve universal primary education for all children.

The UN and world leaders are in the process of setting new goals, the Sustainable Development Goals to 2030. These goals will be in operation by 2016.

The banner title for the education goals is now “Education for All”.

Steve Sinnott was General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers covering England and Wales. He died in 2008 while still in office.

Steve was a passionate advocate of accessible education for all children. He often described education as the great liberator. The Steve Sinnott Foundation was established in 2009 to maintain the impetus of Steve’s work to promote and raise awareness about MDG2. We now work to promote Education for All.

The Foundation’s purpose was Steve’s passion – to promote Education For All around the world.

Supporting Access to Learning Worldwide

Although great progress has been made in the provision of primary education around the world, the goal has not been achieved. In 2000 there were 108 million children without access to primary education. In 2015 there are 57 million children still without that access. There are many more children and young people without access to secondary and tertiary education or vocational and life-long learning.

There are still too few trained and qualified teachers; resources in developing countries are scarce or still non–existent; and even amongst the children who do access education there is no guarantee of quality. Often the education provided in developing countries is not culturally appropriate or fit for purpose.

By the contribution we make to support access to learning worldwide, we aim for progress.

Our difference

We support organisations that work and lobby for international aid and welcome the UK Government’s commitment to providing aid. Our aim is to add another dimension.

The roots of the Foundation are in teaching and learning and in the community of teachers who share a common commitment to the purpose and excitement of learning. Our interest is in stimulating a sharing worldwide community of teachers and learners, respecting the best in local cultures and backgrounds.

We believe, as Steve believed, that everywhere there is enthusiasm to gain knowledge, understanding and skills. It is an enthusiasm that inspires people to find their own solutions to the challenges they face.

The key words for us are: “community”, “capacity building” and “sustainability”.

Our commitment to holistic education is based on the premise that each person finds identity, meaning, and purpose in life through connections to the community, to the world around them, and to humanitarian values.

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